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Coating Blanket types

We stock all types of coating blankets!

3&4 ply micro buffed face/fabric back “Vulcan Strippable”

3&4 ply Cast Face/fabric back “Durapeel”

Rubber face/Mylar backed .051 “Spot .051″

Rubber face/Mylar backed .077 and .082 “Strip 350″

Rubber Face/Fabric back/mylar in the middle .077 ”Revolution 303″

You may ask why so many? Call to discuss what is best for your press and application.

1-800-321-7655 or


Coating Blanket Packing

Have you ever had excessive ink build up on your coating blankets?

Check your packing, packing should be at cylinder undercut height for Polymer faced coating blankets and +.002 for Rubber faced coating blankets. Less pressure will also improve laydown of coating and minimize smashed blankets.

Another tip is to use soft packing which will add a shock absorber under the blanket which will improve coating laydown and minimize smashing.

If you would like to discuss options that will improve your coating please call 1 800-321-7655 or email


H&S Print Show!

hssupply bldg 2H&S Will be hosting a print show – INFO Coming soon!

What Do We Do at H&S Supply and Allan Roller?

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H&S Supply and Allan Roller is a Colorado Roller Manufacturer specializing in the following: Industrial rollers, Printing rollers, Printing Blankets, Blanket converting, Pneumatic air bags, Brake press air bags, Printing supplies, Printing chemicals and more. Call us today at 303-298-8555 for quote.

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